Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Little About Me

My name is Pablo Rodriguez born in Miami, and both of my parents are of Basque ancestory, in particular my mother's. My father is from Cuba, with Basque and Sefardic Jewish background. My mother's family had lived in various parts of the western United States from Louisiana to Arizona, but originally coming from Donostia (San Sebastián) area of the Basque Country. I learned what I know of the language from my Amona (Grandmother) while she was alive. Growing up though we mostly spoke Spanish as my father did not speak Basque and the subject of that strange language that Grandma spoke was never discussed. I lived many places in my life including Samoa, Philippnes, Hawai'i, California, back to Miami and now in Atlanta (only for a moment). My interest in Basque began about 10 years ago at the time that I returned to the United States, the doctors did various test on me to make sure I had not picked up any exotic disease in the foreign lands, everything checked out perfectly fine. But they did inform me that I had O Rh negative blood and that it was special and somewhat rare. So me being inquisitive, did the research for see what that all meant and the Basque came up again in my search. So I remembered back how the family had talked of this place in between Spain and France known as the Basque Country. I began to look back through my life and realise, this is why I always felt different from everyone else. I had felt like an alien, and indeed I had always been interested in the subject of aliens, Atlantis, spirituality, fate of humanity and a general awareness not as other people. All of these unique traits I read were related to being Basque and my blood type. So had now been answered many of the questions of my childhood, underneath my curly red hair was this head so full of thoughts and questions of my existence which would over the next 10 years be answered. This also made a yearning deep within to find others like me, other Basque people. This yearning continued on as I went back to Miami, got involved in music there and looked for other Basque people. But I was saddened by the lack of Basque people who spoke the language or even knew what it was. As the years went by that yearning stayed in the back of my head the ideas being turned into music that I wrote. Then when I came to Atlanta I was in total culture shock, I was depressed and in desperation to find just one soul like me, it also had seemed that I crossed some other path of another. With tears in my eyes over the recent tragic event in Miami and my great loneliness, I typed into Google something about Basque Buddhist on MySpace (I was also alienated because of my religious ideas). The most amazing search result came up, after going through several pages. Which brings us to right now, Holly and I and a book we are working which we hope will inspire and teach people who really want to know about the Basque experience.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gehiago Naiz Maitemintzen

Itxi itzazu begiak, eman eskua Ez al da ba egia maite nauzula? Jasotako eskutitzak aldatu egin du nere bizitza Zurekin naizelarik orain hauxe aitortu nahi dizut nik Zeruko izarrak distiratsu daudenean Arreta jarri hauetariko batean Ortzian piztu ta ihes egiten badu Hari begira desio bat eska ezazu... Izandako ametsa egi bihurtu da Zu gabe nuen hutsa desagertua Jasotako eskutitzak aldatu egin du nire bizitza Zurekin naizelarik orain hauxe aitortu nahi dizut nik Zeruko izarrak distiratsu daudenean Arreta jarri hauetariko batean Ortzian piztu ta ihes egiten badu Hari begira desio bat eska ezazu... Zure hitzak Irakurtzen. Gehiago naiz Maitemintzen. Zuretzat muxu batSoilik amets bat da. Desio hau azkenik. Betetzea nahi dut nik...Izar uxoa ihes egiten badu..Izar uxoa desio bat eskatu..Zer moduz? Gaur beti bezala zutaz oroituz. Laster egonen gara. Zure hitzak Irakurtzen Gehiago naiz Maitemintzen Zuretzat muxu batSoilik amets bat daDesio hau azkenik Betetzea nahi dut nik. How do you do? Today as always Remembering youWe will be there soonReading your words. I'm falling In love more. A kiss to you. But it's only a dream. This desire At last, I want to come true